RSMS 187

RSMS 187

RDA FSC is the Regional Certifying Body (RCB) for the Far South Coast of New South Wales.

For both the 187 and 489 Visas, please note that RDA FSC requires applicants to demonstrate their suitability via a complete and accurate application as per the requirements noted on this website. Inaccurate and/or incomplete applications will be assessed as unsuccessful. This RCB takes matters of identification seriously. Any anomaly or inconsistency in identification will result in an unsuccessful outcome. We are unable to seek clarification or request missing documentation – applications are assessed as submitted. You must ensure that ALL Essential Documentation is submitted with your application. Once your application has been submitted and you have received your acknowledgement e-mail, you are unable to add any further documentation. No refunds are given under any circumstances.

With regard to the requirement for Certified Copies: PLEASE NOTE: Electronic documents are able to be certified under certain conditions according to the most recent Justice of the Peace Handbook (page 37).  RDA FSC does not accept digital certificates.

According to RDA FSC, colour copies are not classified as certified.

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme 187 Visa

RSMS allows Australian employers in regional and low population growth areas of Australia to address skilled vacancies in their business that they have been unable to fill locally by sponsoring skilled foreign workers for permanent residence.

RSMS covers all of Australia except Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong and Melbourne.

RDA FSC as the RCB can only process Direct Entry Stream RSMS visas.
Direct Entry Stream is for applicants who are untested in the Australian labour market and have not held a subclass 457 visa for at least the last 2 years or who are applying directly from outside of Australia.
RSMS Direct Entry stream nominations to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) must be accompanied by advice from an RCB, however, the advice may be provided before or after lodgement to DIBP. The department cannot approve a nomination where advice from an RCB has not been provided. Please note, it is the responsibility of the applicant to ensure applications are submitted under the correct Stream.

For more information regarding RSMS visas click HERE.

Assessment Criteria

DIBP Form 1404 and RCB RSMS Coversheet must accompany every ‘Request for Assessment’.

Criteria for assessment:

1. There is a genuine need for the nominator to employ a paid employee to work in the position under the nominator’s direct control;

2. The position cannot be filled by an Australian citizen or permanent resident who is living in the same local area where the nominated position exists;

3. The terms and conditions of employment applicable to the position will be no less favourable than the terms and conditions that are provided to, or would be provided to, an Australian citizen or permanent resident performing equivalent work in the person’s workplace at the same location.

– Every assessment of occupation made will be verified against Australia and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupation (ANZSCO). Each nominee will require a skill level within ANZSCO skill levels 1 to 3.
– The nominator will have to provide evidence that the position is full-time (at least 35 hours per week) and ongoing for at least two years.
– The nominee must be less than 50 years of age when visa is lodged.

Application Process

The ‘Request for Assessment’ application may be paper-based or in electronic form.
Nominators who intend to lodge or have lodged RSMS nominations under the Direct Entry Stream for this region will need to comply with this RCB’s specific requirements regarding making ‘Requests for Assessment’. Full details of specific requirements can be found in the Essential Documentation Checklist below. 

‘Requests for Assessment’ can be sent to:
RCB Officer
Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast
PO Box 1227
Nowra NSW 2541

or emailed to:

After receiving the application RDA FSC will assess the nomination according to the criteria outlined above and the Essential Documentation Checklist (see below) and provide a ‘statement of advice’ to DIBP as to whether the Minister should be satisfied that the nomination meets the criteria. During assessment RDA FSC will not ask for additional evidence or supporting documentation. The application will be assessed as submitted. RDA FSC will provide advice to DIBP and inform the agent/applicant as to whether or not RDA FSC has assessed your application as meeting the criteria.

Supporting Documentation

All the documents in the following checklist are essential and MUST be provided to satisfy the assessment requirements:

You can download documentation here:

RCB RSMS Visa Application Essential Documentation Checklist
RCB RSMS Coversheet
DIBP Form 1404
DIBP Form 956 if application submitted by Migration Agent 

What if My Nomination Does Not Meet The Requirements?

If RDA FSC assesses the application as not meeting the criteria we will inform you, however details will be provided at the Assessment Panel’s discretion and no correspondence will be entered into. DIBP will reach its own decision based on our advice and the applicant will have the opportunity to provide DIBP with additional documentation and have the ‘right to review’ through DIBP. RDA FSC will not enter into any discussion regarding unsuccessful applications.

Processing Fee

Note: All fees are non-refundable.
Standard processing fee: $605 including GST.
Processing time: Maximum of three (3) months from receipt of both the application and full payment.
Priority processing fee: $935 including GST.
Processing time: Maximum of four (4) weeks from receipt of both the application and full payment.

Payment options:
Electronic Funds Transfer
Bank Institution: St George Bank
Address of Bank: Kogarah, 4-16 Montgomery Street, NSW, Australia
Account Name: RDA FSC Funded Projects Account
BSB: 112 879
Account Number: 41 066 5970
Reference: 187, “Name of nominating business”

Processing of applications will not begin until the processing fee is paid and the application is received.
Include the EFT receipt with your application.
Please note this RCB conducts its assessment by utilising the documents requested in the Essential Documentation Checklist above and by utilising our specialist knowledge of the region. By applying, you accept all the Terms and Conditions required by this RCB. Employers should note, they are not compelled to provide the documents requested, though it is in their interests to do so. Failure to provide all documentation in the above list may result in a NOT RECOMMENDED result. If this occurs no fees or any portion thereof will be refunded.

Please note that RDA FSC expects applicants or their agents to demonstrate their suitability via a complete and accurate application as per the requirements noted on this website. Inaccurate and/or incomplete applications will not be be approved and, as noted elsewhere, no refunds are given under any circumstances.

Further Questions

The RCB is only involved with assessing applications for the Direct Entry Stream RSMS visas.
Please see ‘Useful Links’ below.
Far South Coast RCB Officers may be contacted on 02 4422 9011 or via email at
All other enquiries regarding RSMS visas or any other visa should be directed to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection’s enquiry telephone line 131 881 (within Australia).

Please note we do not conduct face to face interviews regarding RSMS Visa applications.

Useful Links and Documentation

– DIBP Frequently Asked Questions – Permanent Employer Sponsored Program 
 DIBP online application information 
– DIBP Form 1404
– RCB RSMS Coversheet
– Booklet 5 – Employer Sponsored Migration
– Online RSMS application form 

Contact Details

RCB Officer
Phone: 02 4422 9011
Postal Address: PO Box 1227, Nowra, NSW, 2541

Your Information: Please note, by law we are required to hold your information for a period of seven (7) years. Once RDA FSC has processed your application, your file is archived at a secure location. RDA FSC will not share your information with anyone. Should you, as the nominating business owner, require any information from your file, you must provide your request in writing with proof of identity. A processing fee of $250.00 is payable to access information that has been archived.