Shoalhaven Youth Volunteering Initiative Continues To Be A Success In The Region 

Oct 25, 2018

Lachlan Page, a Shoalhaven Youth Volunteering Initiative (SYVI) graduate, isn’t your average teenager. His endeavour and fortitude have seen him achieve a remarkable amount at an early stage of life. Vice Captain of Ulladulla High School, Cub Scout Leader and winner of the Shoalhaven Superheroes School Youth Category, Lachlan also holds down a casual job.

This may sound like a lot, but it’s only the start of Lachlan’s achievements after attending the SYVI program two years ago. Lachlan is now a valuable member of the Rural Fire Brigade, attends Call Outs, weekly training sessions and has gone on to gain his Medium Rigid Driving licence which allows him to drive the Category 1 Fire Truck to emergencies.

Federally funded and facilitated by Regional Development Australia – Far South Coast (RDA FSC), the SYVI training program provides year 10 students from both public and private schools with the opportunity to participate in accredited training with the Rural Fire Service. Over five full days, the teenagers are mentored by experienced RFS personnel and volunteers as they learn communication, teamwork and the value of volunteering with a local emergency agency.

SYVI is provided at no cost to the students and is often oversubscribed, meaning, unfortunately, many enthusiastic students have to be turned away. Like Lachlan, a large percentage of the graduates go on to become Volunteer Rural Fire Brigade Members, highlighting how important it is to secure funding and ensure the SYVI program continues into the future.

The SYVI program has trained more than 3500 South Coast students since 2001, and if Lachlan’s achievements, energy and attitude are anything to go by, RDA FSC is confident the value of this initiative will be recognised.

Lachlan Page with the Milton  RFS

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