Safe Places Emergency Accommodation

Closes:  14-Feb-2020 11:00 pm (ACT Local Time)

The Australian Government is inviting eligible organisations, via an open competitive process, to apply for capital grants under the Safe Places Emergency Accommodation program from 2020-21 to 2021-22.

The objective of the grant opportunity is to deliver new emergency and crisis accommodation for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. It could also fund purchasing/ renovations/repurposing of buildings, where it creates new emergency accommodation. 

It is important that accommodation delivered under this grant provides access to appropriate and specialist support for women and children experiencing domestic and family violence. Applicants who are not a domestic and family violence specialist, are required to provide evidence of a formal partnership with a domestic and family violence specialist service, or specialist Indigenous service, or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse service, that is ongoing and sustainable and must demonstrate an understanding of domestic and family violence. 

The Government intends to maximise the return on its investment, the grant opportunity will prefer projects that bring together: 

  • different participants to deliver the most effective model
  • contributions (whether cash or in-kind) from other levels of government, and from private and philanthropic sources.

Note: Applicants who have been impacted by the bushfires can receive an extension to submit their Safe Places application by contacting the Community Grants Hub on 1800 020 283 (option 1) or by email at, providing they make this contact by 5pm AEDT 13 February 2020.

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