RDA NSW and ACT Network meet in Orange

Aug 6, 2019

RDA NSW and ACT Network meet in Orange

Regional Development Australia (RDA) Central West has welcomed Orange being the location for the first ever regional meeting of RDA members from across NSW and ACT.

25 delegates consisting of the respective Chairs and CEOs from each RDA region will meet at The Oriana Orange on Friday (9th Aug. 2019) to discuss shared regional development priorities and objectives.

RDA Central West Chair, Ms Christine Weston, welcomed the decision for Orange to be chosen to host the first regional meeting of state-wide RDA’s, which she declared a coup for the Central West.

“RDA Central West has a track record of fighting hard for our region and driving more jobs and opportunities for our community. It is great to be able to celebrate what makes our region such a powerhouse with colleagues from across NSW,” said Ms Weston.

“Be it agriculture, mining, health, tourism or government, the regional economic drivers are diverse and the opportunities which exist are immense. It is great that we can showcase our region and way of life to such a high calibre group.

“We live in the best part of the nation and hopefully after the meeting other members will share my assessment,” joked Ms Weston.

RDA NSW & ACT Committee Chair, Clr Rob Pollock OAM, said,

“We have received an exceptionally warm welcome from the good folk of the Central West. It is indeed an objective of the Committee to see regional areas highlighted, and what better way to do that than by ensuring the Committee meets in and focuses on, our many unique regions.”

Clr Pollock added that the Committees’ ongoing aim is to keep regional issues in front of key decision makers from across the State.

There are 15 RDA Committees across NSW and ACT which work to drive regional economic development and unlock the economic potential of their regions. They are comprised of local leaders from government and the community and provide a direct and expert voice to the government and other stakeholders on all matters regional.

RDA Committees provide independent, apolitical advice to government, leverage public and private investment, connect industry and local government to opportunities, identify regional priority projects and provide awareness to the community of government programs.

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