Occupation List for the Far South Coast

NSW Government site has updated their Occupation List for Stream 1, Stream 2 and Stream 3 for the 491 nomination program. Please follow the below link to see the occupations available in the various Streams. Each RDA and Region has a specific Occupation List for Stream 2 & 3. It is important you assess this before applying with this RDA. 


It is important that the skilled occupation on your application to the Far South Coast matches the occupation that is entered into SkillSelect. If these do not match, you cannot be nominated to apply from the NSW Government.

Please note: some occupations may no longer be available for certain RDAs. Allocations may become exhausted and this will directly effect whether we can accept your application or not – this is why it is important to apply for the Interim Reference Number before submitting your application with this RDA. 

(Updated 04.03.2022)

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