Drought Support Counselling Service

Dec 10, 2019

Southern NSW Local Health District Drought Support Counselling is a free, confidential service available to farmers, farming families and anyone who draws an income from farming. Agronomists to vets, dairy farmers to drovers, seed resellers to shearers. If tough times on the land are making your life hard then do the right thing for yourself, for your family, reach out and make the call to Drought Support Counselling service on 0436 923 510.

What Sort Of Issues Do We Help With?

Life on the land has always been tough and now with the drought, the pressures on farming families are greater than ever. Stress can affect your decision making process – making it hard to just decide whether to have a cup of tea, let alone big decisions like destocking or what to do with the farm

Drought related stress can affect your relationships, how much you drink, even getting out of bed can be a struggle. The Drought Support Counselling Service – helping you better manage the challenges in your life.

It’s Free and Confidential

We can visit you on farm or where you feel comfortable.

Professional counselling to help you address the things causing you stress combined with skilled peer support to get you back on your feet and heading in the right direction.

You don’t need a referral or a mental health plan – and it is completely free and confidential.

If your life is tough you don’t need to struggle on alone –

Call the Drought Support Counselling service on 0436 923 510.

This district has now been appointed David Bone as our Drought Support Counsellor.  David is available to go out to farms and talk to anyone wanting support.

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