Bushfire Information

Nov 13, 2019

For Information On Bushfires

  • Check Fires Near Me page for current incidents (or download the app)
  • Listen to local media, radio stations – ABC is the official broadcaster (1300222923)
  • Check social media such as NSW RFS Facebook and NSW RFS Twitter (beware gossip on social media)
  • Bush Fire Information Line – 1800 679 737
  • The number to phone for support with government services is 180 22 66
  • If you come across anyone that needs support with identification they need to go into your local Centrelink office.
  • Disaster Welfare Services Phone: 1800 018 444
  • Lifeline 13 1114

There are numerous emergency and evacuation centres set up throughout the fire impacted regions – note that FACS isn’t represented at all of them. You need to find a FACS supported centre to access government support.

  • If you need emergency support and can’t find your local centre visit or phone your local service clubs (e.g. RSLs) as a first point of call.
  • Regarding donations check in with the site prior to making donations (for example, many already have an abundance of things like clothing)
  • If you represent – or have contact with community services try and get either a team member or at least contact numbers to emergency centres, the need in impacted communities is very high right now
  • Transport to support services can be difficult for fire impacted people and they may need support with transport and phone access
  • Please remember those impacted and also people who are volunteering their time haven’t slept for days, it’s likely emotions will run high. Care and patience is what people really need right now.

To register yourself as safe follow this link https://register.redcross.org.au/ or present at an official evacuation centre.

Stay safe

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