What is the purpose of RDA – Far South Coast?

The south coast region of New South Wales faces major challenges in the future, and effective partnerships between Government, business and communities are needed in order to meet these challenges. RDA – Far South Coast plays a leading role in creating and coordinating these partnerships, and additionally it will provide strategic leadership on a range of regional development issues.

RDA – Far South Coast is a key facilitator for change and development in the NSW south coast region. We work towards the growth of the economy and the creation of increased job opportunities. As part of our economic development role RDA – Far South Coast places a strong emphasis on the strengthening of infrastructure, including social infrastructure. This is based on the belief that community development and economic development are inextricably linked. RDA – Far South Coast develops partnerships between the community, government and business to achieve identified community and economic goals.

RDA – Far South Coast Committee is comprised of members who are leaders of business and community organisations. The Committee identifies priorities and opportunities for employment, and economic and community development in our region. RDA – Far South Coast provides advice to the Australian and NSW State Governments about these opportunities and in doing so, acts as an important conduit between Government and the south coast region of New South Wales. Find out more on the tabs under ‘About Us’.

RDA – Far South Coast Staff

  • Executive Officer: Fiona Hatcher
  • Project Manager: Alan Mulley
  • RDA – Far South Coast Office: 81a North Street, Nowra, NSW, 2541
  • Postal Address: PO Box 1227, Nowra, NSW, 2541
  • Phone: 02 4422 9011 Fax: 02 4422 5080
  • Email: admin@rdafsc.com.au

RDA Charter

Regional Development Australia (RDA) is a partnership between the Australian, state, territory and local governments to develop and strengthen the regional communities of Australia. It will have a pivotal role in ensuring the long-term sustainability of Australia‟s regions. Regional Development Australia will work with all sectors of the community, including women, young people, Indigenous Australians and people from a variety of cultural backgrounds. A key focus of Regional Development Australia will be on the economic, social and environmental issues affecting communities. Regional Development Australia will be an important contributor to and driver of:

  • Regional business growth plans and strategies, which will help support economic development, the creation of new jobs, skills development and business investment;
  • Environmental solutions, which will support ongoing sustainability and the management of climate change (including the impact of drought, flood or bushfires); and
  • Social inclusion strategies, which will bring together and support all members of the community.

Regional Development Australia, in consultation with the community, business, non profit organisations and all levels of government, will articulate local priorities, identify and align resources, engage stakeholders and promote solutions. In doing this, Regional Development Australia will support the growth and development of regional communities across the country. Regional Development Australia will support, promote and disseminate information on government policy initiatives for the benefit of local communities. To this end, Regional Development Australia committees and Chairs will have a strong understanding of federal, state and local government policies and initiatives, and the ways in which local communities can engage with them. Regional Development Australia will take a leadership role in bringing together organisations to take advantage of government programs, policies and initiatives.

Regional Development Australia will be an effective conduit between governments and regional communities. It will enable all communities to provide input to governments about the strengths and weaknesses of regional Australia.

Find out more about RDA by visiting the national RDA website www.rda.gov.au or email rda@infrastructure.gov.au