2pi Software Regional Employment Trials Success

Nov 18, 2019

With funding from the Australian Government’s Regional Employment Trials program, Bega Valley software firm, 2pi Software, is bringing a fresh approach to local recruitment. 

Last month, 2pi Software hosted a Code-A-Job Hackathon, designed to help unemployed people learn more about coding, developing apps for mobile devices, software development and the cloud.

A group of candidates was then invited to participate in a coding and cloud work experience and mentoring program to further develop their tech skills.

Growing The Local Tech Community

This is not the first time 2pi Software has helped to grow the local tech community and hire people who may not have digital skills. 

Community Development Manager, Isaac Lynnah, started his career at a digital co-working space set up by 2pi Software where he picked up basic skills and progressed from there.

“I was not turned away based on my CV or told I was unsuitable due to a lack of experience. Instead I was encouraged to pursue my interests, given support to overcome my barriers to employment and granted patience to take the time to build my skills. This enabled me to achieve many of my goals and lifted me to the position I now hold.” Isaac Lynnah said.

Whether you are interested in web design, coding, software development or cloud services, 2pi Software welcomes applicants interested in pursuing a career in the tech industry to contact them. Keep an eye on 2pi’s news section and social pages in the coming months for updates on how the participants have progressed. 

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